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The terms "We" / "Us" / "Our" Company individually and collectively refer to RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) and the terms "You" /"Your" / "Yourself" refer to the users.

This Privacy Policy is an electronic record in the form of an electronic contract constituted under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and various laws as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000 have rules relating to electronic documents / records and amended provisions therein. This privacy policy does not require any physical, electronic or digital signature.

This Privacy Policy is a legally binding document between you and the RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) (both terms defined below). The terms of this RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) (Privacy Policy below) will be effective upon your acceptance (directly or indirectly, in electronic form). I accept the tab using the NISIT Website (www.nisit.in) or through other means and will control the relationship between you. This document will be published under the Information Technology (Fair Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data of Information) Rules, 2011 and in accordance with the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000; the collection, use, storage and transfer of sensitive personal data or information requires the publication of a privacy policy.

Please read our privacy policy carefully using our website (www.nisit.in), you indicate that you understand and agree to this privacy policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use this website.

By providing your information to us or using the facilities provided by the website, you consent to the collection, storage, processing and transfer of any or all of your personal information and non-personal information specified by us under this Privacy Policy Huh. . You further agree that such collection, use, storage and transfer of your information will not cause any harm or wrongful benefit to you or any other person.


To avail some services on our websites, users need to provide some information for the registration process: - A) Your Name, B) Email Address, C) Sex, D) Age, E) Pin Code, F ) Credit Card or Debit Card Details G) Medical Records and History, H) Sexual Orientation, I) Biometric Information, J) Password etc., and / or your business, interests. The information supplied by users enables us to improve our sites and provide you with the most user friendly experience.

All required information is service dependent and we may use the above said user information to, maintain, protect, and improve its services (including advertising services) and for developing new services.

Information that is freely available and accessible in the public domain or equipped under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other law will not be considered sensitive.


To improve the accountability of sites for our users, we collect information to provide a unique, random number to each visitor in the form of a user identity (user ID) to understand the users personal interests for the users identity. To "cookies" or similar electronic devices. Unless you identify yourself voluntarily (for example through registration), we will have no way of knowing who you are? Even if we assign a cookie to your computer. The only personal information that a cookie can contain is the information you supply (an example of this is when you ask for our personalized horoscope). A cookie cannot read the data on your hard drive. Our advertisers may also assign their own cookies to your browser (if you click on their advertisements), a process we do not control.

When you visit our site, our web servers automatically collect limited information about your computers Internet, including your IP address. (Your IP address is a number that helps computers connected to the Internet know where to send data to you - such as the web pages you visit.) Your IP address does not identify you personally. We use this information to distribute our web pages at your request, to measure the traffic within our site to the interests of our users, to our site, and to tell advertisers about the geographic locations from which our visitors arrive.


Our policy only discloses the privacy practices for our own web site. Our site also provides links to other websites that are beyond our control. We will not be responsible in any way for the use of such sites.


We shares the sensitive personal information to any third party without obtaining the prior consent of the user in the following limited circumstances:

a. For verification of identity, or for prevention, detection, investigation including cyber incidents, or prosecution and punishment of punishment, when requested or required by law or by a court or government agency or authority to disclose. These disclosures have been made in good faith and belief that such disclosures are reasonably necessary to enforce these conditions; To comply with applicable laws and regulations.

b. We propose to share such information between our group companies and officers and employees of such group companies for the purpose of processing personal information on our behalf. We also ensure that those receiving such information agree to process such information based on our instructions and in compliance with this Privacy Policy and any other appropriate privacy and security measures.


We take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to data or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction. These include an internal review of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, including appropriate encryption and physical security measures to avoid unauthorized access to the system where we store personal data.

All information collected on our website is securely stored in our controlled database. The database is stored on a secure server behind a firewall; Access to the server is password protected and strictly limited. However, as effective as our security measures are, no security system is impenetrable. We cannot guarantee the security of our database, nor can we guarantee that the information you supply will not be interrupted while you are transmitted over the Internet. And, of course, any information you include in a posting in the discussion areas is available to anyone with Internet access.

However, the Internet is a constantly evolving medium. We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time to include future necessary changes. Certainly, our use of any information we collect will always be consistent with the policy under which the information was collected, regardless of what the new policy might be.

>> Online Payments / Payment

If you pay us rupees under the option of online payment using our website, then it will not recognize the RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) rupee unless you provide us a receipt of payment success.

Under the online payment option, any payment made to you after payment in RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) is unsuccessful or pending, then the rupee will not be accounted for by the RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS). In RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS), you can claim on the same online payment, for which a receipt of Payment Successful must have been provided to us.

You will not be able to avail any facility of RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) (which is related to RTS) until you have paid the entire amount to RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS). Half the payment made by you to avail any scheme related to RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS)  will not be valid.

If you have paid half of the amount of that plan for the benefit of any scheme related to RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) and keep the remaining amount, and you are somehow given permission by RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) to take advantage of that plan, then Under the circumstances, within 45 days (under MSME Act) you will be required to pay full amount related to that scheme, if you are unable to do so even within 45 days then you will be fined appropriately and come Will be deprived of the scheme.

>> Refund Policy

The affiliation fees and or other fees once paid by the Authorised Study Centre‐NISIT to the RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) H.O. will be nonrefundable.

RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) will not pay any refund amount in cash to the Authorised Study Centre‐NISIT Centre director. The rupees of refunded by the RAJTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED (RTS) can be used by the Authorised Study Centre‐RTS Centre director only for registration of new student.

>> Grievance Redressal

Redressal Mechanism: Any complaints, abuse or concerns with regards to content and or comment or breach of these terms shall be immediately informed to the designated Grievance Officer as mentioned below via in writing or through email signed with the electronic signature to Mr. Pawan Kumar ("Grievance Officer"). FAQ?

Mr. Pawan Kumar (Grievance Officer)



                 Phone: +91 9931005560

      Email: rtseducation42@gmail.com